I want to submit info.

Submit your found information and a verified source (Government official or reputable news publications) and it will be reviewed, and if confirmed to be legitimate will be added. All submissions are manually reviewed and background-checked.
To submit, Email the address in the footer. It may take some time for your data to be reviewed.

I have more data on someone already in the database.

Submit it using the same means as above, and be sure to note that it's an appendage. Data can and will be updated, mugshot creation included.

Where can I download the data?

Database exports in the .CSV format may be found [HERE].

I'm on this list and I want my information taken down.

There are currently no plans to implement this feature. Contact us if you have further arguments.

Are you a [country/organization] spy/troll?

We're a group of Americans, all born in America, residing in America, developing and hosting this website in America. We are not antifa. We are not any pre-existing or derivative group either.

Has the FBI or any other government official tampered with this website?

No, and take note of this.